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    I’m a vegan and srs if you make your pets vegan you’re a fuckhead

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    Graveyard of trees: The milky green water is a natural phenomenon caused by electromagnetic activity from the lightning hitting the water’s surface surrounding dead trees

    Photo credit: Julie Fletcher

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    dang the graphics for this new super smash brothers game look really good


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  6. Why do you follow me? Put the reason in my ask.

    Meh, I mean, I guess if you want…

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  7. IGGY <3

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    A couple months ago I shared some GIFs of invisible things, and I finally got around to putting them together in this video:

    When light travels through areas of different air density, it bends. You’ve probably noticed the way distant pavement seems to shimmer on a hot day, or the way stars appear to twinkle. You’re seeing light that has been distorted as it passes through varying air densities, which are in turn created by varying temperatures and pressures.

    Schlieren Flow Visualization can be used to visually capture these changes in density: the rising heat from a candle, the turbulence around an airplane wing, the plume of a sneeze … even sound.  Special thanks to Mike Hargather, a professor of mechanical engineering at New Mexico Tech, who kindly provided a lot of these videos.

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    I cant believe anyone would call her fat


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    only art students/art enthusiasts will get how cool this watch is

    literally everyone knows who salvador dali is


    The two kinds of art student…

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    Hey, check out I Kill Giants playing “Part 1 / Part 2” and “Pigskins”! From their farewell show at the Democracy Center.


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    The evolution of the paparazzi message.

    1: Scarlett Johansson Reminds Us Just How Creepy Paparazzi are by having nothing better to do then following celebrities around.

    2: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield take that scuminess and use it to advocate for charity in 2012.

    3: Benedict Cumberbatch reminds the paparazzi that there are more important things to be taking pictures of then him making amazing TV.

    All in all, these four stars are brilliant examples on how to handle paparazzi and show just how classy they are and how aware they are of how fame isn’t everything.

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